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One fulfilled client! I came to see Phylicia buried underneath life and life experiences. With her experience and gentle spirit, she allowed me to uncover not discover who I am. Layers began to shed off my heart after each session. She listened attentively with understanding and guidance. It was not just another “cookie-cutter” session. She was committed and used different techniques to ensure I accomplish my goals. It was a safe place for me to unpack! I am grateful for the life-changing tools she has given me. And the challenge to stay on the journey of healthy living: mind, body, and spirit.
I have no complaints. The PRIDE class was very interesting, engaging, and comfortable despite the sensitive topics. Having an instructor that went beyond the class to give us information pertaining directly to our situation was really appreciated. Thank you!
I came to Ms. Phylicia Massey just before the COVID-19 pandemic debilitated the world, and I’m glad I did. In the first meeting, I felt comforted and the floodgates of my heart opened up. She accommodated me despite my insurance limitations and set up a plan for healing around a particular trauma. Our very next meeting was virtual and has been consistent throughout quarantine.I am impressed at how she adapted to provide me with uncompromised care despite the crisis. I’ve experienced significant freedom of mind as a result of her techniques and guidance. She is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and devoted. I highly recommend her!
I came to Phylicia to work through some trauma that l felt had come up during the pandemic and needed to be addressed. Every session I was able to leave with a plan in place to help me recognize and deal with anxiety that interrupted my day to day. Throughout the months of working with Phylicia, I was able to get my sleep schedule back on track, manage my day to day anxiety, and uproot a lot of childhood trauma that was holding me back. I am appreciative of her quiding voice and daily tactics to combat my anxietv. I highly recommend Phylicia to assist you in wherever you are presently to get you where you need to be!l

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